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Easter Bunny Footprint Craft

Easter is right around the corner and I have a cute little bunny project that's perfect for your early learners. My little guy was literally tickled to cover his feet in blue ink and hop around on these adorable little craft projects. I suggest using ink pads instead of paint because the ink really shows the fine details and is less likely to smear. If your littles are old enough, they could draw their own faces and accessories on the bunny. Carter was one here, so instead we opted to just cut pieces out of paper and he looooved using the glue stick to put them on. Not up to lettering ...
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The Best Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

If you follow our little family on Instagram, then you know we take our sweets pretty seriously around here. We've tried a lot of tasty recipes recently with all of our extra time at home, but our all-time favorite continues to be this brown sugar chocolate chip cookie recipe. With lots of options for mix-ins, it makes the perfect cookie every time. You know the drill... recipe is at the bottom! The ingredients are super simple and probably things you have in your pantry already. We always make ours with semi-sweet chocolate chips and butterscotch chips, but you can also mix in white ...
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